Five reasons to buy a pickup truck

Everybody could use to move sometimes and it isn’t always easy to do so without either renting a moving truck or getting a friend with a pickup. There is also a feeling of strength or manliness when riding above the rest in a good sized pickup truck. It feels like you rule the road and everyone else is just micro compared to you. A man can feel like a King in a truck and a woman can feel more empowered, it works out for everybody. Of course if you have the truck then you are the friend with the pickup.

Reason 1 – You get to feel on top of the world

When you are in one of these beasts you are above everyone else and there is really not a greater driving experience. It is an ego boost, even a power trip, and everyone needs one now and again even if it isn’t their personality type. You can feel like a boss in these behemoths and really move around like nobody could stand in your way.

Reason 2 – Nobody messes with you, except maybe someone bigger

Hate to say this, you won’t be intimidated in one of these monsters because if someone even tries they will likely fail miserably in doing so which is precisely why they are great to own and drive. Get out there with confidence and don’t worry about anyone trying to take you down. Sure, if you are in a little car then people might try to bully you a bit more than usual but if you are in a truck they certainly back off real quick. The bigger it is the better chance you have of getting a little slack on the roadways and that’s definitely a more enjoyable way to drive.

Reason 3 – You can move with ease

Let’s face it, the pickup truck was built to transport things and the open air bed is great for putting tall objects which normally might require a moving truck to transport. Owning a pickup truck can certainly save you money in the long run when you would otherwise be spending it on those moves. In fact, chances are you will never even have to use a moving truck again as long as you know how to tie things down good.

Reason 4 – You have a generally higher level of safety

You can survive a wreck in a lot of cars but in a pickup truck you probably will survive without any real complications because you are virtually in a small tank. Having that added power, size, and elevation makes you the more likely survivor in a collision which is clearly a great reason to own one. You have to wonder just how risky it really is driving down the road in a small sports car, especially given the speeds they go. If you were to run into anything speeding and sporting one of the smaller cars around you probably wouldn’t have a great quality of life after that.

Reason 5 – They just look awesome

A pickup truck is a symbol of strength and power, due to its sheer size and useful features it is a great ride to own. You can drive around in a pickup truck looking like a real boss and there are nearly countless ways to trick these rides out to make them even more appealing. With all of the space in an extended cab pickup truck you can even make the interior far more appealing than most smaller vehicles.

Overall a pickup truck is a great choice for strength, power, and movability. You can transport more than most vehicles of a comparable size while driving an intimidating beast which will surely make most move out of the way and let you gain the upper hand. It is a vehicle which empowers and that’s why it is great to own a pickup truck.

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